Inner You

Whatever negative thoughts you have playing in your head on repeat…HIT STOP NOW. Call, text, email (whatever it is JUST DO IT) a trusted friend and ask them what is 1-2 things positive that you see in me. I wholeheartedly believe this person will rattle off those things without hesitation. The kicker, is the same way you think of the “woman who has it all together” - you know the one who has great ideas, is funny, smart, and makes things happen…our ideal “WHOLE WOMAN”, someone thinks the same way about you. However, you stay in your comfort zone, hinder the ideas from flowing out your mind, and make excuses when action is what is needed.

Which one of these sounds like the inner you, BE HONEST:

  • Harsh, rude, mean…straight up nasty remarks about yourself. Can sound like, “girl who do you think you are”, “how stupid to think I could…” etc.
  • Binary…black or white thinker. There is no in-between with you. Your inner convo goes as such, “I’m amazing or I stuck”, “Fabulous Friend or horrible one”
  • Voice of reason…the reality check. Examples of this, “if you launch your business now, you’ll fail. You aren’t ready so hold off for now. Keep developing your idea.”
  • You aren’t ready yet…OVER THINKER. Sayings that swirl around your head, “I need to get more education or a degree”, “You need more time”
  • Self-Doubt…typically these come into play around skills and/or activities attached to masculinity in our culture and subconscious seeps into our own minds. Sounds like, “I can’t negotiate a contract”, “How can I create and lead a company.”

Sis, playing small is OLD! Identify which of the above inner voices resonates with you. Remember, we are being truthful because we want to CHANGE.

Change does not come without ACTION so write out ONE affirmation that you can use to shift the way your "inner you" sounds. (Stuck on coming up with an affirmation, we GOT YOU SIS…check out some here MIA Girl Affirmations)

We’d love to hear the affirmation you craft or that speak to you, so please share. 



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