Free MIA Girl Blueprint!

This bada$$ guide isn’t a cheeky single-page print off. This action guide is a blueprint for women to confidently get unstuck mentally and strategically map out how to make impact + income that changes the world.

Business doesn't have to be rocket science...
I know first hand how annoying it feels to set a business goal for yourself, but not make the headway you wanted towards reaching it.
It’s simple to set big goals but fail to take big steps to launch your business dreams into a reality.
I teach femalepreneurs how to transform their dreams to actionable goals and build a thriving business. 

       Who the MIA Girl Blueprint is for...

  • Women looking to transform their life.
  • New entrepreneurs & business owners struggling to connect the dots on how to launch.
  • Small business owners who are trapped playing small; working around the clock but nothing works.
  • You to get your business questions answered!


When you start thinking like a MIA Girl a few important things start to happen, you...

Reframe your beliefs
You do whatever it takes to orient yourself for success and to remain in alignment with your goal. You visualize, feel, and believe because mindset is the game changer.
Set your BIG goals

You clarify the steps you need to take to move closer to where you want to go. You don't worry about everything being perfect - it is impossible. Girl, you keep learning, growing, and adapting.

Impact + Income
You strategically and confidently launch, grow and scale your business while making the impact + income that changes the world.
Aligning the business model with your life's mission will allow you to make sustainable impact in the lives of your clientele.
Mission. Implement. Action
EVERYTHING you need exist inside of you. You MUST believe in YOU, craft a plan and take action! - Latoya

The Author

My name is Latoya Addy and I'm a MIA Girl through and through. I'm a proud, ambitious working boy mom of three alongside my laid-back handsome husband, Esha.


I reside in Georgia just outside of Atlanta where over a decade ago I feel in love with the area (it reminded me of where I was raised in California).


My purpose with MIA Girl Mindset is to nurture, inspire and propel you to achieve your goals.

To encourage women to express themselves without reservations -- to convey their meaningful opinions, passions, or sense of humor through their business to impact other lives.
If you desire to cultivate your dreams, get more done, grow your business, and meet amazing women then join the MIA Girl Mindset community.
Follow me on social media @MIAGirlMindset and for more info on how to work with me, I'm just a DM away.
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